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Best Nintendo DS for IOS 2019 [latest]
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IOS is different from other operating systems.  Many of the IOS users are fond of Nintendo ds games. I can still remember that I spend many hours on my Nintendo DS consoles. But it is the world of evolution you have a smartphone instead of Nintendo consoles. If you still a lover of Nintendo games what should you do? Don’t worry about that, there are some apps you can install on your iPhone/iPad and can play Nintendo games. Nintendo DS Emulators for iOS and NDS emulators for iPhone are top on our lists.

iNDS:(Best Nintendo DS Emulator for iPhone)

INDS is the best and top Nintendo ds emulator iOS according to its rating and developing. It is said by one of the Reddit developers:

iNDS is probably the more stable one since it is still in semi-active development.

That’s mean you can update it when an update announced for NDS 4 iOS. You can play any Nintendo games on it and no jailbreak needed. You have only to install ROMs to play your favorite games.


How to Install/Get iNDS on IOS (iPhone/iPad):

To download iNDS on iOS (iPhone/iPad) with no jailbreak follow these steps:

How to get iNDS

  • Select the app and install iNDS emulator.
  • After the installation is completed, do not open it yet.
  • Now, go to Device Management in the Settings >>(General)
  • Select profiles which belong to iNDS. Then, tap Trust.


  • User rating: 4
  • IOS support: 8.1 to 9.2
  • Support: Universal
  • Sync: Dropbox
  • ROMs: Available Online


GBA4iOS means Gameboy Advance for IOS. GBA emulator iOS allows you to play Gameboy games on your iPhone and iPad. The use of gba4ios emulator is very easy. Simply download the ROMs on your smartphone to play games. The one problem about GameBoy emulator iOS this is not available on the iPhone app store.


How to Install/Get GBA4iOS on iOS (iPhone/iPad):

To downlaod GBA4iOS on iOS (iPhone/iPad) follow these steps:

How to get GBA4iOS 2.1

  • Now drop down and click on “install”.
  • It takes some time to install GBAiOS.
  • You need to trust a third-party profile to run GBA4iOS on your iOS. All processed is your own risk. Open Settings and click on Device Management in General option.
  • There is a “Wuxi Suntech Power Co. Ltd.” profile you have to click and tap trust.


  • User rating: 3.5
  • IOS support: Up to 7 and also iPhone X
  • Support: Wireless Linking
  • Sync: Dropbox
  • ROMs: Available Online


The NDS4iOS emulator is popular, powerful and easy-to-use for any iPhone user. You can’t directly download the ROMs but you can it from PC. After downloading ROMs you have to import the ROMs from iTunes and use in nds4ios download ios 10 also.


How to Install/Get NDS4iOS on iOS (iPhone/iPad):

To download NDS4iOS on iOS (iPhone/iPad) follow these steps:

  • Open Safari browser and search for iosem.us/app/install/nds.html.
  • After the page loaded tab “get” at the right side corner.
  • Wait for 5 seconds the download started automatically.
  • Once the downloading complete, go to the setting >> General >> Profiles and tap trust to allow the installed NDS4iOS your iPhone.

how to get NDS4iOS


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