When we talk about the emulator, we mention a software that runs like a guest system on your computer. It is used for the applications that are meant to run on other computer systems, guests, and are used to design and test various applications. We know there are many games that are released even before the latest models of PlayStation or alongside them. So, how does this all happen? How do developers run and test these apps? Simple, with the help of an emulator. Drastic ds emulator is also such software that behaves like a particular system.


Drastic DS Emulator


What is Drastic DS Emulator apk?

Have you ever thought about playing your favorite Nintendo games on your android smartphones? If yes, then you need a solution to run these games. While it appears to be impossible, the drastic ds emulator behaves as a Nintendo machine and helps you run the games that you love. Developed, maintained, and updated under the commands of a development team known as the Exophase, the drastic ds emulator apk is available for you to download.

Drastic DS Emulator Apk Download


download drastic ds emulator apk


There are numerous features that this emulator provides to you. Starting with the features to customization and enhanced graphics performance, better rendering, and support for various hardware and controllers, everything is provided in the drastic ds emulator apk along with the support of google drive to address your storage requirements.

Compared to the other emulators available in the market, drastic ds is likely to be the best one that you have available at the moment. It provides customized 3D resolution and if you put it up for work with high-end devices, you are certain to get some awesome gaming experience on your Android device.


Drastic DS Emulator


The Notable Features of Ds Drastic Emulator

As you download and install the drastic ds emulator apk, there are a number of features at your service. First of all, you can change the screen view from portrait to landscape and back to portrait whenever you want. It is just a matter of how you feel comfortable and how it suits your gaming needs. Moreover, the biggest advantage of using this emulator is perhaps the option of saving the game at any level or stage. So, when you get back, you can continue from where you left off.

If you are using the devices like Xperia play or Nvidia shield, you can use the additional controllers. They are great as they would add up to the gaming experience and you won’t have to download anything additional with it. The support is already built-in into this emulator and you won’t have to do too much to get them up and running with your games.

Moreover, the drastic ds emulator apk comes with a huge cheat code database. These include the cheats for various games and you can use them in your gameplay to rock the hard levels and overcome the obstacles.  Also, there is this unique option of syncing your game’s progress directly to your cloud storage as it supports google drive. Therefore, you won’t have to worry much about the storage space on your drive.

The other options include the fast forward choice which enhances the game speed and tweaking the game into the 3D resolution to have better graphics.



Supported Devices

  • The drastic ds emulator apk can be downloaded and installed on almost all the android devices.
  • All you need is to assure that your machine is running on the Android OS which is higher than the version 2.3 gingerbread. Else, this emulator won’t work with your device.
  • There are some emulators that would ask you to root your device before you can install and use them for your gaming. But when downloading and installing the drastic ds emulator apk, no such requirement is there for you.
  • It would work great for both rooted and non-rooted device. So, regardless of whether you have your device rooted or not, the emulator with sync in with your device and allow you to play your favorite Nintendo games on your android machine.


drastic ds emulator apk


Recent Update Details

Latest version: The latest version of drastic ds emulator apk was announced back in February 2017.

File Size and installations: Currently, the file size sits at 12 MB and has more 5,000,000 installations till now, showing how good this application is and how popular it has been with the gamers that use Android.

Requirement and 3D support: The emulator is developed by Exophase and required android 2.3 gingerbread or above to work. In the recent update, there has been a bug fix regarding the threaded 3D switching so you can have a smoother 3D switching with the latest version of drastic ds emulator apk.


Minimum Requirements

Android Requirement: Apart from the emulator requiring the user to have at least Android v2.3 or above, there are certain other prerequisites that you should consider checking as you proceed to download the drastic ds emulator apk.

Processor Requirement: The recommended processor for running this guest machine is Cortex A5 or anything that may provide similar or greater performance. Moreover, it is stated that one should better have the ARMv7a or Neon support if he or she is to make this run smoothly.

RAM Necessary: When you intend to use this emulator for gaming, assure that your phone has at least 256 MB RAM (most of the Android smartphones, even the low-end ones, come with a RAM equivalent or above 256 MB).

Display: The display resolution size for your device must be 320 x 480 p or above, the higher it is the better your gaming experience would be.


Final Words

So, these are all about the drastic ds emulator. Make sure that you download the drastic ds emulator apk and install it on your phone. Even the apk for the paid version is available over the internet that you can download and install on your machine.

Drastic ds is arguably the best Nintendo games emulator that you have for your android devices. Download the drastic ds emulator apk today and enjoy games like Super Mario Bros, the Legend of Zelda, GTA Chinatown Wars, and many more.